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Security Risk Management

Power of technology

Based on a methodology that merges quantitative and qualitative information, we provide a holistic end-to-end solution to protect governments, international and national organisations, corporations and individuals.

Real-time data

Acumen facilitates the gathering of information from internal and external sources in real-time and analyses this according to criticality, vulnerability and consequence of plausible threat scenarios.

Customisable tools

To safeguard our clients’ development achievements, growth, assets and investments, we assess and prioritise the possible risks by potential gravity, available resources and other criteria per customer preference.

Actionable analytics

Acumen monitors various risks to generate a common operating picture with real-time insights and alerts. It then offers solutions and recommendations to reduce, avoid, transfer and accept security risks that facilitates decision-making.


In large-scale corporations and government structures, security personnel often need detailed information concerning current risks. By monitoring internal and external sources, all departments can access information through a single platform. During an emergency, it is critical to have the right data, at the right time and displayed logically, to respond and take appropriate action.


Acumen is an international Swiss-based risk management company that specializes in risk and resilience services, including high-quality, tailored solutions for effective security risk management. Acumen’s services include on-ground risk management, custom solutions, training, technical support and risk consulting that contributes to the overall resilience of a nation.