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Investigation Management

Informed decision making

Enables users to access critical insights when deciding upon the best action to take. Users leverage analytics to understand connections between people and objects and discover critical details hidden within huge amounts of unstructured data.

Reduce investigative time and costs

Streamline collaboration and interaction between different teams investigating the same case. Powerful investigative capabilities empower successful communication and data driven decision making thereby reducing cost of successful investigation.

Comprehensive case management

Open a new investigation, track case analytics and easily deploy investigators to ensure that you’re on top of the investigation process. Investigators easily group relevant incident and investigation data to enable end to end analysis, reporting and tracking.

Optimise resource allocation

Allocate investigators and case workers to make sure that ongoing investigations have the manpower they need to close the case.


Various industry and government big data solutions are already in use for investigation management, and this number is increasing. Big Data solutions empowers case investigators by providing persistent ability to capture and access key case content, task workflow and collaborative tools.


Milestone is an investigation case management solution, designed to improve investigative workflow and powered by a flexible, secure technology platform that is accessible and easy to use. Using advanced analytics, the solution can be customised for any business, government agency or other specific need.