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Human Capital Ventures

Human Capital Ventures (HCV) was founded in Israel, the "Startup Nation", in order to tap into the country's highly skilled workforce and entrepreneurial spirit. Israel enjoys the world's highest per capita ratio of university degrees and academic publications and boasts the world’s highest per capita number of engineers, scientists and doctors. HCV's management team's working assumption is that it is "Human Nature" to seek success, a major part of which is embodied as economic achievements and prosperity. In light of that premise, HCV is convinced that investors can realize a significant return on investments by identifying individuals with high economic potential and a passion to excel. This economic potential can be multiplied when synergized with HCV’s advanced technologies and business facilitation capabilities. The primary goal of HCV is to create a portfolio of investments that leverage HCV's top technologies with unique human capital, resulting in growth engine companies and viable products that can be monetized with high returns on investment. HCV services are supported by advanced IT technologies, often designed and developed in-house and in collaboration with leading Israeli research institutions, innovative technological powerhouses and the academic community.