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Security Risk Management

Our security risk management platform facilitates the gathering of information from internal and external sources in real-time and analyses this according to criticality, vulnerability and consequence of plausible threat scenarios.


Prudence has set forth several ways of delving deeper into the statistics presented to and by your enterprise, and categorizes such in a way that lowers the risk facing you, saves time and money and heightens the organizational productivity.

Investigation Management

Our investigation management solution is powered by a flexible, secure technology platform and designed to improve investigative workflow by using advanced analytics. The solution can be customised for any business, government agency or other specific need.


With the number of security breaches and cyberattacks on the rise, governments, large-scale organisations and enterprises are more vulnerable than ever before. We are transforming cybersecurity through its design and forward-thinking construct: our services have been designed for the maximum protection of our client’s applications, infrastructure and data.