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RatioX enables its clients to meet their objectives and deliver value through effective governance, risk management and compliance.


RatioX helps organisations and enterprises operating in various fields to adhere to the new regulation’s requirements that apply to their activities.

Application Security

RatioX helps ensure application security across all product range and raise security awareness at every step of the development lifecycle.

IT Infrastructure Security

We enable our clients to reduce the overall cost and complexity of IT security while ensuring total protection of their infrastructure.


With the number of security breaches and cyberattacks on the rise, governments, large-scale organisations and enterprises are more vulnerable than ever before. RatioX is transforming cybersecurity through its design and forward-thinking construct: our services have been designed for the maximum protection of our client’s applications, infrastructure and data.


RatioX is a Swiss-based cybersecurity company that provides services and solutions in the domain of information security. Our wide range of offerings includes assessment, consulting, training, SaaS solutions and implementation of best cybersecurity practices as well as end-to-end protection for organisations, from securing organisational data and infrastructure to developing methodologies for end product security.