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Internet of things

Analyze, dissect, and scrutinize huge amounts of data available from the multitude of sensors configured in your organization and among your employees. Prudence provides instrumental ways of examining the statistics presented to and by your enterprise, and catalogs the meaningful patterns of your data, your recorded information and the insights from such.

Smart cities

A variety of customizable and multiple data acquisition tools are brought together to create a unified information layer that provides holistic data of the research target. A layer of structured data is available for research including: NLP engines, Data clustering, Ontology Generation, data tagging - including geo-tagging, Machine learning-based modeling, and more. The aforementioned has proved extremely effective in better understanding situational responses and managing technologically advanced smart cities.

Big data

Our services delve deep into the richest of your data, company information, and statistics, technicalities, computer science if related, risk and the enterprise decisions and management of your company. Firms can apply our analytic services to describe, predict and improve their overall performance. We also dissect the algorithms, software, and hardware used currently, so that all is up to date and in accordance with the current methods.

Law enforcement

Leverage industry leading solutions that allow the transformation of information into insights and predictive analytics. Such effectively safe time, money, and human lives. By coupling personality analytics modules with research analytics and enterprise APIs we empower a stronger grasp on cause and effect, as well as deep intentions and motives is realized, and thus, helps to evaluate threat scenarios, as well as to analyze them in the context of geo-located data.


Federal agencies, from defense to healthcare to environmental to law enforcement and transportation, need to make sense of non-standard data sources in volumes that were previously unimaginable – sensor networks, social media posts, telecommunications, surveillance, medical records and more.


Reasoning is an industry leading solution that transforms information into insights and predictive analytics that can save time, money and even human lives. Reasonings combines big-data structure processing with advanced machine learning algorithms to provide mission critical insights and predictive analytics beyond anything available today.